Boarhills Bunker

The Boarhills Bunker – two wartime pillboxes linked by a short tunnel – offers a short subterranean adventure adjacent to the Fife Coastal Path.

Located between St Andrews and Boarhills and accessible on foot from either by following the signed long distance trail, the pillboxes (GR NO 558152) are built into a low headland at Buddo Ness and are quite obvious from the path, despite being flanked by thick undergrowth.

The bunker was built around 1940 as part of extensive defences along the Fife Coast, possibly by Polish soldiers who were responsible for much of the line of pillboxes and anti-tank traps that exists further north at Tentsmuir Sands.

The two concrete blockhouses were built into the sandstone cliff and both the east and west parts had gun-loops for small calibre weapons. A short tunnel carved through the rock and lined in places with corrugated iron linked the pair.

Access is by the eastern blockhouse, a slim trail usually beat up through the bracken, brambles and nettles. A low entrance leads into a small square chamber with a slim ‘window’ peering out towards the sea.

At the back of the room, an initially square and then arched tunnel cuts through the rock – some of the original metal lining remains. The second box is slightly smaller with a single opening for a gun. To the left, accessed via a crawl space, a shaft with the remnants of metal rungs set into the concrete rises to an opening in the roof above.

When visited in September 2021, the site was in a good, clean condition with very little rubbish or debris inside.

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