House of Gray

gray2Built in the early 18th century, House of Gray, on the outskirts of Dundee, has a chequered history. Abandoned after the Second World War, attempts to convert the striking stately home into apartments then a hotel failed to come to fruition and the building, hauntingly pale, lies empty and boarded up, its future uncertain.

Two storeys high with a basement and attic and a wing either end, the house was built in 1714 by the 10th Lord Gray following his purchase of the Benvie Estate. It remained in the family until 1918 when the estate was sold to James Ogilvie who lived in the house until his death in 1936.

During the Second World War the property housed an orphanage. Thereafter, a lengthy period of neglect ensued, the building slowly falling into disrepair.

It was later used as a store for agricultural equipment before being sold in 1978 when plans to restore the house and convert it into four apartments were revealed. Despite significant investment, including thousands of pounds of public money, the project faltered and the building was put up for sale.


In 1991 it was bought by a group of investors who intended to redevelop the house as a 40-bedroom hotel and conference centre complete with golf course. Restoration proceeded apace over subsequent years. The building was re-roofed, the exterior renovation was completed and much of the interior work was done. However, the money ran out and, in 2005, House of Gray was once again put on the market.

With no one else as yet prepared to sink more cash into the property, it has since lain empty and boarded up, suffering bouts of both vandalism and graffiti.

Click here for a video of House of Gray


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