Amulree to Kenmore Road

amulree1The slender strip of asphalt climbing through Glen Quaich, between Amulree and Kenmore, offers drivers one of the most scenic – and challenging – journeys in the Southern Highlands.

Over its 11-mile course, the single-track road negotiates twisting hairpin bends, steep inclines, blind summits and bends and exposed upland moor where darting pheasants and wandering sheep simply add to this test of navigation and nerve.

Frequently closed during the winter months, when snow and ice render the route impassable, the remote byway is too narrow and twisting for coaches, caravans and lorries. For the confident car driver, however, it boasts spectacular views over Perthshire’s mountainous landscape.

Branching off the A822 by the village hall in Amulree, the first section of the drive is easy enough, the road crossing grouse moor and grazing land above Loch Freuchie. However, further up the valley, at the remote outpost of Garrow, the journey quickly becomes more demanding.

Crossing the River Quaich by Garrow Bridge, an early 19th century humpback bridge, the road climbs steeply, a set of hairpins aiding passage up on to the moor above where the route peaks before descending past a tiny reservoir and tin bothy with vistas north to the mountains of Schiehallion and the Ben Lawers range.

Dropping swiftly, the road weaves down through a succession of hairpin bends to the eastern end of Loch Tay and the village of Kenmore. It is certainly not one for the fainthearted!


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