C. Gul Street Art

gul2Seagulls are now every bit as much a part of the urban landscape as they are the rural one. Invading streets and parks, picking through the remnants of the previous night’s discarded takeaways and swooping perilously low over the heads of the unwary, they are regarded as a nuisance by some, a menace by others.

One street artist, however, has found the funny side of these flying foragers, his colourful, comedic and, at times, slightly intimidating caricatures popping up at random around Dundee.

With an air of Banksy-like mystery, the artist initially worked anonymously, a new image or painting appearing overnight, the work simply signed ‘C. Gul’.

However, as photos spread across social media, the appetite for spray-painted seagulls appeared insatiable and C. Gul now has a huge following both in the city and further afield. He has even spawned an avian imitator – the equally troublesome P. Gin.

Follow C. Gul online or try Mary Ann Lane, a legal street art site next to the bus station in the city centre, or the street art hoardings that line the Seabraes walkway between Grassmarket and Roseangle.  C. Gul has also decorated a doorway on the Open/Close city centre street art trail and the footbridge over the railway at Magdalen Green.



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